ZF Mecanical Parts OEM

     There are...
There are many ZF Transmission Model in different Design available!
For inquiries about Spare Parts to determine the correct Spare Part ar the:

"Stücklistennummer" und "Seriennummer"

of the Gearbox absolutely necessarry!

Beispiel Bild

These numbers can be found on the Type Plate of the respective Gearbox!

Please send Your request to: info@automatic-berger.de

Discount for larger quantity Orders are possible.
In this case, please contact us and inform us about the required amount of the desired article!
We are happy to make you an individual offer!
ZF Schraube Mutter OEM

Von ZF Getrieben gibt es viele unterschiedliche...

ZF Disc Carrier OEM

ZF Transmission Disc Carrier OEM There are...

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ZF5HP24 Kupplungsglocke "A" Kupplung mit Welle

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Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 3 days