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The JATCO 5 speed automatic transmission is known as the JF506E in the Jaguar X Type and Land Rover?s Freelander.
In the Mazda 6 and MPV it is known as the JA5A-EL and with VW?s Golf, GTI and Jetta it is the 09A.
Overseas it is known as the 5F1J or the Durashift -5-Tronic transmission used in the Mondeo vehicle starting in 2002.5 model year.
This manual contains the procedures necessary to diagnose, overhaul and/or repair the Mazda JF506E transaxle, and is intended for automotive technicians that are familiar with the operation of automatic transmissions. Note: There have been many engineering changes in this transaxle since its introduction in 1999.
Also available is an "Update Handbook" which includes the many changes and is required along with this manual for a proper overhaul or repair

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JATCO 09A JA5A-EL JF506E Reparaturanleitung Download als PDF

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JATCO 09A JA5A-EL JF506E Updates Modelländerungen Download als PDF

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Jatco JF011E Automatikgetriebe Reparaturanleitung Download als PDF

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