Over 25 Years Of Innovation...

Over 25 Years Of Innovation

International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI) has long been recognized as a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of highly specialized synthetic lubricants to various markets including the Automotive, Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Cosmetic, and other industries. ILI engineers and produces its very own patented and proprietary premium lubricating technologies including the trademarks LXE® (Liquid Wax Ester), Synergol TMS®, Glossamer®, Erucichem®, etc. ILI leads the industry and developed the majority of these premium technologies utilizing renewable resources keeping the environment in mind.

ILI?s success in the marketplace is largely due to the unique technology behind its liquid wax ester, (LXE technology), which is a direct molecular replacement for Sperm Whale Oil, or more specifically, Spermaceti Oil. After the Endangered Species Act banned the killing of the whales, a suitable lubricant additive replacement was not available. For years, chemists and engineers had tried in vain to develop other mineral, or synthetic based products that would yield the lubricating and heat dissipating properties spermaceti oil provided. International Lubricants Incorporated accomplished just that with a unique molecule, known as a liquid wax ester, registered under the trade name LXE®. This molecule is non-petroleum based, non-toxic and non-flammable and is the largest molecule of its kind.

ILI quickly gained notoriety in the automotive industry by particularly addressing crucial service issues in vehicles? automatic transmissions arising from the absence of spermaceti oil in automatic transmission fluids. LXE Technology?s molecular structure made it possible to fight oxidation, heat build-up, converter chatter as well as address several other performance issues in a way that still remains unparalleled.

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LUBEGARD Thermo Becher

4,99 € *
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LUBEGARD Automatic Transmission flush # 95001

23,55 € *
79,56 € per 1 l
14 Bottle In stock

LUBEGARD HFM Öl Zusatz Mopar 7176 Black Bottle

23,04 € *
77,84 € per 1 l
11 Bottle In stock

LUBEGARD Öl Zusatz für Schaltgetriebe und Differential

19,86 € *
67,10 € per 1 l
11 Bottle In stock

LUBEGARD Assemblee Goo Blue

19,61 € *
43,20 € per 1 l
10 can In stock

LUBEGARD Öl Zusatz für Sperrdifferentiale

16,58 € *
140,48 € per 1 l
9 Bottle In stock

LUBEGARD Mercon MV Öl Zusatz Green Bottle für Ford Automatikgetriebe

23,57 € *
79,63 € per 1 l
9 Bottle In stock

LUBEGARD Assemblee Goo Green

19,61 € *
43,20 € per 1 l
9 can In stock

LUBEGARD Motor Öl Zusatz für Reibungsverminderung

22,11 € *
74,70 € per 1 l
5 Bottle In stock

LUBEGARD Öl Zusatz Instant Shudder Fix gegen Vibrationen der Wandlerkupplung

17,58 € *
296,40 € per 1 l
5 Each In stock